Sunday, June 26, 2011


Team of enternepal and Anmol Film Production decided to leave Chitwan National Park for elephant ride on New Year 2008.  On 30 Dec of 2007, we reach to Shauraha, Chitwan.  That day we reach late at Shauraha.  We stay in Chitwan Resort Camp.  Resort arranged for elephant ride for 31 Dec.  We have to pay Rs. 450 per person for the ride. After ten minutes, we started to saw wild animals.  At first, we saw some deer.  As we enter deeper part of the forest, we encounter with Rhinos; one male and two female with its cub.  They are cute.  We stay long watching them free in wild.  I felt that we are so lucky that we have seen the rhino that will be extinct from this world after some years.  It will be history.  We gone deeper into forest and cross the Budha Rapti and see more birds.  Peacock is all around.  We also get luck to saw alligator taking sunbath on the shore of Budha Rapti.  After the two-hour ride into jungle, we come back to hotel on elephant.  It is nice to see animals in their wild habitat. 

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