Monday, July 4, 2011


 The Sun  is a must important to us .The Sun can be considered our inner King, the one who rules and takes considered action. Of course, when looking into our Sun nature, the myths tell us that it's a good idea to ask a few questions. Do we believe in a Divine plan or purpose? Are we guided by a set of values or principles? Are we in balance? Too much Sun can mean ego run amok. You remember the myth about Icarus who flew in his great wings of wax a little too close to the sun?
     In most traditions, the Sun is considered a masculine way of being. However, to the Teutonic, Japanese, Oceanic, Maori, and Cherokee cultures the Sun is feminine.
     When you read myths, you may also begin to notice that the Sun god or goddess is often paired with another god, whether Moon, Earth, or Storm. The Greek Sun god Apollo has a twin sister, Artemis, the Moon goddess. sun is paired with storm.  In these pairings, the rational intellect must be balanced by the irrational emotions; the light of understanding and action with the power, passion, and latent creativity of the unconscious mind. We are more whole when both "gods" are taken into account.
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Sun symbols often involve the wheel, disk, or circle, sometimes with radiating rays. Sometimes the sun is associated with an eye. To the Aztecs, the rising sun was symbolized by the eagle. In astrology, the Sun rules the sign of Leo, which is symbolized by the lion and is associated with royalty. And in 18th century France,Louis XIV called himself "the Sun King," emphasizing the power of his will and the glory of his court.

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